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It’s estimated that 2% of the world’s population suffers from chronic migraines, meaning that they experience migraine pain 15 or more days out of every month. Finding an effective treatment for the management of chronic migraines can be frustrating. If you’re searching for an alternative treatment, the team at An oz. of Wellness Healthcare may have the solution you’re looking for. Call one of the three locations, which include Boca Raton, Orlando, and Palm Bay, Florida, or request an appointment online today.

Migraines Q & A

What are migraines?

Migraines are a type of headache that causes intense throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head. The pain caused by migraines can last anywhere from three hours to three days. 

In addition to the head pain, migraines also tend to cause other symptoms, such as light sensitivity, nausea, or vomiting. You may even experience visual disturbances such as flashes of light, before or during your migraine. Your migraine can also cause you to feel drained for up to 24 hours after your head pain has subsided. 

What are chronic migraines?

Chronic migraines are medically defined as migraines that occur 15 or more days out of the month. You may be at greater risk of developing chronic migraines if you currently experience episodic migraines, which are migraines that occur 10 to 14 times a month. Other risk factors associated with chronic migraines include:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Pain disorder
  • Stressful life event
  • Obesity
  • Asthma

To diagnose chronic migraines, your primary care physician or neurologist requires careful monitoring and documentation of your migraine pain. Your doctor may also need to conduct tests to rule out other causes of your pain before diagnosing you with chronic migraines.

What are the treatments for chronic migraines?

Traditionally, chronic migraines may be treated with various medications aimed at preventing the onset of your migraine and/or reducing your symptoms. Botox injections are also used as a treatment for chronic migraines.

The team at An oz. of Wellness Healthcare offers alternative treatments for chronic migraines with the use of cannabis, which may include medical marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD). The team can only provide care for your chronic migraines if you have the proper documentation from your primary care physician, neurologist, or another specialist that indicates you suffer from the chronic condition. 

An oz. of Wellness Healthcare is a medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC) and can certify you for a medical marijuana registry identification (ID) card and determine the best product and dose to alleviate your symptoms. This data is uploaded into a computer system that’s shared with the marijuana dispensaries so they know what you get. 

An oz. of Wellness Healthcare isn’t a medical marijuana dispensary.

To learn more about the benefits of cannabis for chronic migraine pain, call An oz. of Wellness Healthcare or book an appointment online today.