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Excellent customer service. Andy, usually at front desk is very prompt and very professional and very personable. When you need medical help, it’s so nice to be treated this way. The Dr. is also patient and very thorough. You do NOT feel like a number here. I’ll be back. Thank you.

Russell E.

This place is a great choice, their service is prompt and courteous and I cannot say enough good things about my experience here…if you’re looking to get your Medical Marijuana license then this is hands down the best place in town.

M P.

The staff was very nice, thorough! Hardly any waiting time. Really awesome Doctor! Will definitely refer them!

lana R.

Personalized and quick, easy, chill vibe. Dr. Lipp is great!

Wendy B.

Welcome to An oz. of Wellness Healthcare

An oz. of Wellness Healthcare ™ provides compassionate, affordable, effective and stress-free care to those suffering from chronic health conditions and those seeking alternatives to their long list of prescription drugs. Our integrative practices are focused upon improving the overall quality of life of our patients and simplifying the process for obtaining a Medical Marijuana ID Card.

Our health professionals are seasoned physicians whose medical cannabis recommendations have allowed our patients to successfully treat their chronic health conditions. These conditions have included chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, auto-immune conditions, gastrointestinal conditions, neurological conditions, PTSD and migraines, to name a few.

For those who may have little experience using medical cannabis to address their chronic health conditions, please be assured that not all formulations or strains cause you to feel “high”.

We cannot legally prescribe medical cannabis or order you to use it. Rather, we educate you about it’s therapeutic effects and the dispensaries that sell it, certify your qualifying medical condition to the state, and recommend the types and amounts that we believe would best address your therapeutic needs, should you elect to try it.

Medical cannabis has an exceptionally high safety profile with very few side effects. Prescription medicines are no longer your only treatment option. Take control of your healthcare and wellness needs now and contact us by phone or online to learn more about medical cannabis and see if your condition qualifies you for your Medical Marijuana ID Card.

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